Building game-changing Fintech companies

At Mountain Fintech the ventures are the stars. We support excellent founders with ready-to-implement business models, funding, office space, advice, our extensive network, industry know-how and ready-to-use software solutions. The founders run the show, we reduce the risk of failure.

How we work


Our experience and our extensive network provide us with a steady flow of ideas of how to disrupt the financial industry with technology-enabled business models. As a result, we have a living list of business models that we want to implement.


We check the business models’ potential and get them ready for implementation. One of the most important tasks in this phase is to describe an ideal team of founders for every Fintech start-up.


We assemble a team of great founders. Our network provides us with incredibly talented and skilled entrepreneurs. Assigning the right founders tot he right ideas at the right time is key to success. This is where our experience in building great teams kicks in.


Mountain Fintech provides for the seed capital and the team starts working in our offices. We offer standard solutions for technical, legal, tax, marketing and recruiting issues that founders usually must solve. But we don’t charge our services. Our job is to support the founders.


Mountain Fintech provides the management team with ongoing support. The founders can utilize our large network and draw on our long-term experience in the financial industry to improve their products, services, processes, or customer journeys.

What we can offer to you

Business models

You are an entrepreneur and want to start a Fintech company but you’re missing the “killer idea”? We have a list of ready-to-implement business models for you.


You are still looking for the right co-founders for a Fintech start-up? We can draw from many skilled entrepreneurs in our network and help to build a strong performing team.


You want to focus on your product and customers? We have standard solutions for office space, legal contracts, tax solutions, marketing campaigns and recruiting.


We have ready-to-use software solutions that every founding team can use.


We have a large network of people and organizations that can and will help you to become successful. And we are happy to introduce you to this network.


As part of Mountain Partners we have founded more than 200 companies, created more than 11.000 jobs, exited more than 40 companies in trade sales and 10 companies in IPOs.

Industry know-how

We have been working in the financial industry for years and know its structure, strengths and weaknesses.


We have a seed fund for investments of 250.000 EUR in each start-up we co-found. In addition, we have a growth fund for investments up to 5 million EUR per Fintech in later stages. Last, we have access to a network of business angels, venture capital firms and traditional financial institutions for further funding.


We believe that the founders are the stars. Company building can increase the probability and magnitude of success. But without a great team of entrepreneurs no idea can succeed. This is why we insist that our founders are treated fair and stay motivated throughout our shared journey.

Who we are

We are finance guys

We have years of experience in the financial services industry – as board members, managers, consultants and entrepreneurs.

We are entrepreneurs

We love building companies. Being entrepreneurs is what drives us. And we have the highest respect for any other entrepreneur.

We are tech guys

We see how technology can improve the financial industry. This is our mission.

We are Europeans

Berlin is our home, Europe is our market. For a business model to be attractive for us it has to work in several European markets.


We are actively building our portfolio. Our plan is to start four Fintechs per year. Our Seed Fund is equipped with 5 million EUR and invests 250.000 EUR in each new Fintech we build. For further funding rounds we have established a 25 million EUR Growth Fund. Usually the Growth Fund will co-invest with external investors but it can also provide for stand-alone funding rounds.


Oliver Lang

Oliver has 9 years of experience as a consultant at McKinsey where he advised banks and insurance companies throughout Europe. He can build on an extensive network in the financial service industry. Over the years he has founded and built more than 15 companies. Oliver likes to assemble high-performing teams. He is a passionate product architect and distribution guy. Oliver will help you building customer-oriented products and services, introduce you to his network, and support you in winning your first customers.